Affirmations For The Major Arcana

I’ve been loving positive affirmations recently. They’re little sentences you can say to yourself over and over, day after day, that bring positivity to your life. My favorite that I’ve been using is “I deserve to acquire money quickly and easily.” I haven’t magically become a millionaire overnight, but I feel it’s helping me with my finances.

I thought it would be a cool idea to do a list of positive affirmations based on the major arcana. I’ll probably do the minors too at some point. Choose as many as these little tidbits as you like! Write them on post it notes and stick them on your mirror. Say them to yourself several times a day, whenever you feel like you need an extra boost. I promise that it will start to affect your life… in a good way!


The Fool (from Strange Wonders Tarot)  

Affirmation: My life has the highest potential. 


The Magician (from 8-bit Tarot

Affirmation: I have the power to manifest all my desires. 


The High Priestess (from Thoth Tarot)

Affirmation: I can trust my intuition. 


The Empress (from Victorian Steampunk Tarot

Affirmation: I deserve to pamper myself. 

The Emperor (from Picture Postcard Tarot)

AffirmationI am able to provide for myself and the ones I love. 

The Hierophant (from Baroque Bohemian Cats Tarot) 

Affirmation: My spirituality is valid and important.

The Lovers (from Victorian Romantic Tarot

Affirmation: I deserve love. I attract loving people. 

The Chariot (from Michelangelo Tarot) 

Affirmation: I have complete control over my life. 

Strength (from Hanson-Roberts Tarot) 

Affirmation: I am courageous and strong. I will overcome my fears. 

The Hermit (from The Tarot of the Nymphs) 

Affirmation: I deserve solitude and privacy when I desire it. 

The Wheel of Fortune (from Shadowscapes Tarot) 

Affirmation: The good things I put out into the world will come back to me. 

Justice (from Victoria Regina Tarot) 

Affirmation: Life will always be fair to me. 

The Hanged Man (from Les Adorables Tarot) 

Affirmation: I am able to let go of what no longer serves me. 

Death (from Golden Tarot) 

Affirmation: I attract positive changes in my life. 

Temperance (from Mantegna Silver Tarot) 

Affirmation: I deserve all good things in moderation. 

The Devil (from Amanda Palmer Tarot) 

Affirmation: I am able to free myself from the things that hold me back. 

The Tower (from Rider Tarot) 

Affirmation: Change will not break me. 

Star (from Quantum Tarot)

Affirmation: Inspiration will come to me to solve all life’s problems. 

Moon (from Deviant Moon Tarot) 

Affirmation: I can trust the people in my life.

The Sun 

Affirmation: I will remain positive no matter what comes my way. 

Judgement (from Chrysalis Tarot) 

Affirmation: I will remain true to myself always. 

The World (from Tarot of the White Cat) 

Affirmation: I can accomplish all things. 

Let me know what affirmations you decide to use! xoxo


Cool Stuff From This Week

Here is where I pause and reflect on Sunday about some of the cool things life and the internet has brought me this week. Some are about tarot and some are not.

First, I’ve been taking The Alternative Tarot Course from Little Red Tarot and It’s been totally insightful. I’ve been practicing tarot for ten years now and I’m learning new things. This is why the tarot community is so important, always opportunities to grow. I highly suggest you take the course. It’s only 25 dollars!

I went to a festival yesterday and I met the nicest lady from Second Chance Greyhounds. She had the sweetest dog named Mango. This program is seriously cool. They take former racing greyhounds, have them fostered and trained by prison inmates, and then have them adopted. It’s a great experience for both the dogs and the inmates. The dogs are super duper cute and I really want to adopt one. Maybe someday!

I’ve recently been trying to connect with my Rider Tarot Deck. For awhile, it was hard for me to read. This is weird because I’ve owned Rider decks before and didn’t really have a problem. However, I took them out last night and did a few readings and it just CLICKED. It was awesome. Here is my most profound one.


All major arcana! That never happens to me. Basically, the reading said that I’ve overcome so much in my life and right now I’m being a bit paranoid (I’m always paranoid) about the people in my life. I should just let it go. Finally, The Chariot says that I’m going to overcome the obstacles in my life. That’s something to be happy about.

I also did a reading last night and drew the dreaded The Tower. That card always freaks me out. I’m gonna write a post sometime this week analyzing the card, so stay tuned.

Here’s a great article about the New Moon on Gala Darling!

Here’s a great article from Autostraddle about learning to love your body! 

My favorite quote from that article, “Bombarded with a steady stream of shame and objectification, learning to love our own bodies can be a serious challenge for just about anyone these days. But trans women and fat women (and especially fat trans women) have their bodies so constantly denigrated and ridiculed that it often feels like we’re not even allowed to love our bodies or see them as beautiful. We’re told that exposed skin is something that’s reserved for those who have bodies others want to see. If you don’t believe me, ask any fat girl how many times she’s been told “no one wants to see that” by friends, family members, or random strangers. But, my body and skin are just as beautiful and just as worthy of being exposed as any thin cis woman.”

Toys for kids with disabilities! 

That’s all for this Sunday’s Cool Stuff From This Week! Thanks for reading! Leave a comment with the cool stuff that’s happened in your life this week!


Oh my god guys, I am so excited about the Slow Holler tarot. I can hardly contain myself. This deck is created by 29 artists and 3 writers who either have southern ties, identify as queer, or BOTH! DING DING DING! That’s me, y’all. They had a wonderful kickstarter and that has been completed, but you can preorder the deck here. Check out the lovely pictures while you’re at it. It’s due out in november and I can’t wait to have it in my oh so eager hands.

The Past/Present/Future Spread + Sample Reading

By far, my favorite spread to use for any situation is the three card Past/Present/Future spread. I find that it can help in almost any situation, not to mention that it is very simple. If you have a tarot deck, let’s do a reading together. If not, feel free to follow along as I do this sample reading.

First, decide your question or situation. If nothing comes to you, that’s fine! You can always just let the cards tell you what they need to tell you.

Shuffle your cards and lay three out as shown.

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 6.35.48 PM

Flip them over one at a time. Look at the images on the cards and reflect on what the images make you feel. This will help in your reading. Most tarot decks come with a guidebook on meanings of the cards. Some are better than others. If you aren’t getting a good grasp on the meaning of the card you can always type the name into google and a plethora of explanations. There are also a number of books you can buy with explanations. I’ll make a list for you in a later post.

Now, let’s get to the juicy stuff.

The first card represents the past. What has led up to the situation you are in. The card I drew was the 9 of CupsWhatever delights you can imagine can be yours now, if you believe. Set your intention to be blissfully fulfilled. Make a wish! 

I can see how this card might relate to my past since I have always been a dreamer. I make wishes all through the day, some come true and some don’t. This card seems to say that I am a dreamer and that’s a good thing. My life has been headed in the right direction.

The next card represents the present. Your current situation. I drew the 9 of Swords. Your nightmares are creeping through into your waking world, and your fears are justified. Either stay quiet until the crisis passes or stand and face it bravely. 

I feel this explanation is pretty sufficient. Now, what’s to come?

The third card represents the future. What happens next? I drew Ace of CupsAll love must begin with self-love. Be as kind to yourself as you are to others, and love will increase in your life. 

Now let’s put all these meanings together. In the past, I have seen my wishes come true. I am a dreamer of dreams. Now, it seems that my dreams are being replaced by nightmares and I don’t know what to do. I have the choice to hide or face my adversity bravely. In order to have a happy future, I am going to have to start loving myself more and taking care of myself. This will allow good things to come into my life.

I don’t know about y’all, but that reading really spoke to me and helped me a lot.

Thanks for reading! Leave a comment below with what your past/present/future reading taught you.