Cool Stuff From This Week

Here is where I pause and reflect on Sunday about some of the cool things life and the internet has brought me this week. Some are about tarot and some are not.

First, I’ve been taking The Alternative Tarot Course from Little Red Tarot and It’s been totally insightful. I’ve been practicing tarot for ten years now and I’m learning new things. This is why the tarot community is so important, always opportunities to grow. I highly suggest you take the course. It’s only 25 dollars!

I went to a festival yesterday and I met the nicest lady from Second Chance Greyhounds. She had the sweetest dog named Mango. This program is seriously cool. They take former racing greyhounds, have them fostered and trained by prison inmates, and then have them adopted. It’s a great experience for both the dogs and the inmates. The dogs are super duper cute and I really want to adopt one. Maybe someday!

I’ve recently been trying to connect with my Rider Tarot Deck. For awhile, it was hard for me to read. This is weird because I’ve owned Rider decks before and didn’t really have a problem. However, I took them out last night and did a few readings and it just CLICKED. It was awesome. Here is my most profound one.


All major arcana! That never happens to me. Basically, the reading said that I’ve overcome so much in my life and right now I’m being a bit paranoid (I’m always paranoid) about the people in my life. I should just let it go. Finally, The Chariot says that I’m going to overcome the obstacles in my life. That’s something to be happy about.

I also did a reading last night and drew the dreaded The Tower. That card always freaks me out. I’m gonna write a post sometime this week analyzing the card, so stay tuned.

Here’s a great article about the New Moon on Gala Darling!

Here’s a great article from Autostraddle about learning to love your body! 

My favorite quote from that article, “Bombarded with a steady stream of shame and objectification, learning to love our own bodies can be a serious challenge for just about anyone these days. But trans women and fat women (and especially fat trans women) have their bodies so constantly denigrated and ridiculed that it often feels like we’re not even allowed to love our bodies or see them as beautiful. We’re told that exposed skin is something that’s reserved for those who have bodies others want to see. If you don’t believe me, ask any fat girl how many times she’s been told “no one wants to see that” by friends, family members, or random strangers. But, my body and skin are just as beautiful and just as worthy of being exposed as any thin cis woman.”

Toys for kids with disabilities! 

That’s all for this Sunday’s Cool Stuff From This Week! Thanks for reading! Leave a comment with the cool stuff that’s happened in your life this week!


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