Affirmations For The Major Arcana

I’ve been loving positive affirmations recently. They’re little sentences you can say to yourself over and over, day after day, that bring positivity to your life. My favorite that I’ve been using is “I deserve to acquire money quickly and easily.” I haven’t magically become a millionaire overnight, but I feel it’s helping me with my finances.

I thought it would be a cool idea to do a list of positive affirmations based on the major arcana. I’ll probably do the minors too at some point. Choose as many as these little tidbits as you like! Write them on post it notes and stick them on your mirror. Say them to yourself several times a day, whenever you feel like you need an extra boost. I promise that it will start to affect your life… in a good way!


The Fool (from Strange Wonders Tarot)  

Affirmation: My life has the highest potential. 


The Magician (from 8-bit Tarot

Affirmation: I have the power to manifest all my desires. 


The High Priestess (from Thoth Tarot)

Affirmation: I can trust my intuition. 


The Empress (from Victorian Steampunk Tarot

Affirmation: I deserve to pamper myself. 

The Emperor (from Picture Postcard Tarot)

AffirmationI am able to provide for myself and the ones I love. 

The Hierophant (from Baroque Bohemian Cats Tarot) 

Affirmation: My spirituality is valid and important.

The Lovers (from Victorian Romantic Tarot

Affirmation: I deserve love. I attract loving people. 

The Chariot (from Michelangelo Tarot) 

Affirmation: I have complete control over my life. 

Strength (from Hanson-Roberts Tarot) 

Affirmation: I am courageous and strong. I will overcome my fears. 

The Hermit (from The Tarot of the Nymphs) 

Affirmation: I deserve solitude and privacy when I desire it. 

The Wheel of Fortune (from Shadowscapes Tarot) 

Affirmation: The good things I put out into the world will come back to me. 

Justice (from Victoria Regina Tarot) 

Affirmation: Life will always be fair to me. 

The Hanged Man (from Les Adorables Tarot) 

Affirmation: I am able to let go of what no longer serves me. 

Death (from Golden Tarot) 

Affirmation: I attract positive changes in my life. 

Temperance (from Mantegna Silver Tarot) 

Affirmation: I deserve all good things in moderation. 

The Devil (from Amanda Palmer Tarot) 

Affirmation: I am able to free myself from the things that hold me back. 

The Tower (from Rider Tarot) 

Affirmation: Change will not break me. 

Star (from Quantum Tarot)

Affirmation: Inspiration will come to me to solve all life’s problems. 

Moon (from Deviant Moon Tarot) 

Affirmation: I can trust the people in my life.

The Sun 

Affirmation: I will remain positive no matter what comes my way. 

Judgement (from Chrysalis Tarot) 

Affirmation: I will remain true to myself always. 

The World (from Tarot of the White Cat) 

Affirmation: I can accomplish all things. 

Let me know what affirmations you decide to use! xoxo


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